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My, that was quite a scorching hot Great Yorkshire show this year - a complete contrast to the wash out of last year! I was on my own this year for the show so I was very pleased to get this little message sent from Emma who is still overseas: Here is how we looked for this year's show, where we decided to have a much bigger stand than usual: They had to take my nameboard away to redo it as the letters were peeling, and this is what they brought back - we decided quirky was ok!   Op..
  Hello from a very un-spring like Prague! Apparently this time last year it was 20 degrees here; now we’re lucky if it gets above zero! But we don’t have snow, so I can’t complain too much!  And at least I can keep my running training up, as I’m running a half marathon in April.   It turns out that Easter in the Czech Republic is not quite the same as in the UK; whipping sticks, Becherovka (a Czech herbal liqueur – have a look at their cool website if you want to find out more) and buckets o..
Just a short post - I did something very silly the other day. I received an order in the form of a spreadsheet, and printed it off and sent off the invoice, only to be advised by the customer that I'd not spotted the tabs on the spreadsheet - there were 3 pages to this order, not one! These are some of the products I wouldn't have sent: 9 clocks on test   A pile of 43 pictures 100 tiny sheep gift bags drying It's a good size order, so I'..
I had a lovely commission recently, and such a good surprise. Some years ago I did some wedding invitation cards using my fluffy sheep as the theme (well, she was marrying a Yorkshire man!). I was then asked to continue the theme through for the birth of their first child, and then for the birth of their second child. That was back in 2005. And now they have moved to Canada and are expecting their 3rd child and I've just sent them their birth announcement cards! Baby Celia, due fairly ..
Just an update on the canvas paintings I did to attract buyers to my stand at the Home and Gift Fair in Harrogate. On the evening before leaving Norfolk I quickly did a 3rd canvas - I still had a long thin area of white wall on my stand, so I decided on a canvas 1 metre long by 30 cms high. I quickly rustled up a landscape (I really don't think you can "rustle up" such a thing) in between loading the van and cooking a meal. Well, the canvasses were quite the talking point - so much so, that I'..
I set myself yet another challenge recently: The design of my stand at the next trade fair, Harrogate at the end of the week,  was looking a little bare at the top, so I decided I needed to do something. I fancied doing something to link this display with the one I did at Spring Fair, where we painted a mural. So I bought a couple of canvasses and a tube each of black  and white acrylic paint with the idea that I would paint my photographic landscapes and superimpose my fluffy animals. ..
I recently found some very old sketch books - nothing inspiring in them unfortunately, but it was interesting to see where my 2 lives crossed although at the time I couldn't see this. These are a couple of pages from 1981 when I was working on an archaeological excavation in France. This particular site, Pincevent, is fascinating - a site where hunter-gatherers set up camp in the autumn to ambush the migrating reindeer, about 12,000 years ago. Sketches of the site, with the reconstructed t..
Just to finish off the story behind our mural and Spring Fair trade stand: We wanted our stand to be true to our beliefs of re-using and no waste, and it took quite a bit of effort to get it to come together. Having decided to paint our mural, based on the photography of the woods which we use in our Country Walks range of cards, we then had to put the display together so that it all looked in keeping. We already have our wonderful boxes made from reclaimed timber by Once Upon a Pine, b..
I thought I'd share with you the fun experience of creating some very temporary art. Our last trade show was the Spring Fair, Birmingham, and we were exhibiting in the greetings hall for the first time (up till now we've been in contemporary gifts). So I decided I'd do something a bit different with my space. I wanted a display that reflected the philosophy of our business - fun, different, recycling, no waste, all that sort of thing. So I decided to have a go at something I've never done b..
Drawing Trees 10/06/2009
I decided that I needed time to myself away from the hustle and bustle of A level revision and business, so I booked myself onto a workshop to draw trees for a day - up near Acle in Norfolk. I had no idea what to expect, so just decided to enjoy, whatever. It wasn't such a brilliant day in terms of weather, but we managed to get outside for a walk alongside some beautiful trees - mostly ash, and mostly magnificent - and we sat and sketched for a while. Then the rain came and we went back indo..

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