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National Thinking of You Week has been launched by the Greeting Card Association to highlight the emotional power of sending and receiving greeting cards. The aim is to create a wave of love, caring and happiness across the nation by getting everyone to send a card a day during the last week in September. We're so happy with this initiative as it's just exactly what our cards and our philosophy is about. We've never been about birthday cards; we've always been about special cards for spec..
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="320"] For inexpensive quirky bunting have a go at making this, by recycling some unwanted greeting cards. We show you how[/caption]   I had a pile of greeting cards that we had discontinued, and since I hate waste of any sort, I thought I'd recycle them into a colourful length of bunting. Here's what I did: I roughly tore the cards into triangle shapes aiming to get a rough edge along the torn edges   The rough edges will soak up w..
At the shows I'm often asked "What's it made out of?" Well, I use sheep's fleece, but in very small quantities, so this year I thought I'd take some fleece along with me. A splash of colour in the corners, I thought.  I cut a large sack to size and then loosely stitched some of my dyed sheep's fleece to it. I'm not a great stitcher, so this was a tad tedious for me The first dyed fleece stitched to the sack: This shows my beautiful stitching!:   As I stitched on more blocks of f..
A little post from team member Emma out in Taiwan: It’s the first time I’ve ever celebrated Chinese New Year, and it was quite an experience! We all had a week long holiday (yay!), so we decided to take a trip to the beautiful Sun Moon Lake. Here we witnessed countless fireworks, red envelopes and banner, lots and lots of interesting food, and even small dogs in themed outfits! Sun Moon Lake gets my seal of approval, there was so much to do there; gondolas, amusements parks, peacock fa..
Happy New Year! From watching Jools Holland from the comfort of the sofa with a Baileys in hand, to dodging homemade fireworks on the streets of Prague, everyone has their own way of seeing in the New Year. These are a few of our favourites:   Spanish people place a grape in their mouths on each of the twelve chimes of midnight for good luck! Germans prefer a small marzipan pig! Apparently pigs are a traditional symbol of good luck, the idea is thought to have originated in f..
Do you want to lessen the impact your business printing has on the environment? I'm working with a great company in Norwich who are seriously environmentally friendly with their green and ethical printing business - not only do they use the latest technology to lessen the environmental impact, but they also bale you out when you get into a pickle (I speak from experience!) So if you have a printing job, care for your environment, and want excellent customer care, contact them. They're call..

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