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Handmade Calendar

I'm just starting on next year's handmade calendar and, not wanting to duplicate ideas from previous years, had a quick look through the back issues.  Originally I thought a handmade calendar would be a fabulous way to welcome in the new millenium, so the year 2000 was going to be my year of the calendar. Just one year. Oh no, customers thought otherwise and here I am planning the 16th one. I'm actually quite proud of the achievement. Here they all are, all 15 to date:   This is the co..
  I always enjoy helping out at different shows, and this year was the second time that I’ve been to Spirit of Christmas in London. The first challenge for me was to get from Euston station to Kensington Olympia; last year I took the bus option, but this year I braved the tube, and managed not to get lost once (it was a lot easier than I expected). When I arrived Mum had already done most of the setting up, and there was just the finishing touches to get done (that's the part I love doing). I..
It may only be the beginning of October, but here at Penny Lindop Designs, we’ve been busy, busy, busy on our preparations for the Christmas period. In fact, we actually had to start thinking about Christmas at the beginning of the year when we were designing the 2012 calendar. It’s always quite a challenge to come up with new ideas for every month, so if you have any designs on your wishlist for future editions please let us know! I hope you like my idea for the Olympics in July... During ..
Penny Lindop has been producing a unique handmade calendar every year since 2000. It's available from the website but stocks are running out fast. While you are thinking about Christmas this year, and getting your diaries and calendars for next year, we are having to come up with designs now for 2010! This will be the 11th calendar - that'll be 132 individual calendar pictures, all with our fluffy handfinished element! We've got most of the ideas now for 2010 - I just need to sit down and get so..

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