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When Inspiration Dries Up
When your creativity seems to have disappeared, what do you like to do to find that inspiration again? When your creativity has become stagnant, when your mind is overloaded with "stuff". For me creativity seems to wax and wane, and when it's waned I need to get away from the studio and the house. I know that I need to take action. I don’t always need to go far, but I do usually need to get outside. Sometimes an afternoon walk in the sunshine can spark a little something. That'll do. That'l..
We made a couple of trips to Taipei, and stayed in an airbnb for our last weekend.   One visit took us to the National Palace Museum where we thoroughly enjoyed an exhibition of calligraphy and art – sorry, photos weren’t allowed – followed by a gentle wet stroll around the gardens.   National Palace Museum, Taipei National Palace Museum, Taipei National Palace Museum, Taipei in the rain National Palace Museum, Taipei National Palace Museum, Taipei O..
Day 2 of our Japan adventure took us to the old part of Kanazawa, known as the Higashi Chaya District. What a contrast to the rest of the town!  Chaya translates as teahouse, and this is one of the areas of teahouses, entertainment and Geishas. We could have rented a kimono each and spent the day wandering gracefully around the area - there were plenty of kimono-clad girls walking about     Two-storey wooden buildings with paved streets and lanterns.              ..
Since September it's been full on work down in the studio, but I've taken a whole month out to recharge and to visit my daughter in Taiwan.We made a quick visit over to Japan as we reckoned it may be the only opportunity I get to visit. Two full days, that's all. Bonkers, but fab and full of inspiration! Landing in Toyko, the plane was delayed so we missed the train up to Kanazawa where we were headed. An early start the next day and a ride on the new bullet train, Shinkansen, meant we arrive..
National Thinking of You Week has been launched by the Greeting Card Association to highlight the emotional power of sending and receiving greeting cards. The aim is to create a wave of love, caring and happiness across the nation by getting everyone to send a card a day during the last week in September. We're so happy with this initiative as it's just exactly what our cards and our philosophy is about. We've never been about birthday cards; we've always been about special cards for spec..
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="320"] For inexpensive quirky bunting have a go at making this, by recycling some unwanted greeting cards. We show you how[/caption]   I had a pile of greeting cards that we had discontinued, and since I hate waste of any sort, I thought I'd recycle them into a colourful length of bunting. Here's what I did: I roughly tore the cards into triangle shapes aiming to get a rough edge along the torn edges   The rough edges will soak up w..
I recently broke a very special cup. It's not really a special cup and the saucer has long since been mislaid. But it's the cup I remember my dad using for tomato soup when I was quite a young girl. My parents divorced early on so I never spent as much time as I would have liked with him, but my memories of moments in time from that period are special; hence this tomato soup cup is special. So I've made an attempt at mending it, inspired by Kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending broken pots - ..
I don't get much chance to look around at the shows that I attend as these days I'm on my own. But in my short little wander this is some of what caught my eye this year at the Royal Norfolk Show - some of it is mighty big A fab display from the oh so posh Breckland Orchard  - their Posh Pop is so refreshing during a long show   Tomatoes, on a grand scale: And a chopping board on a grand scale. This is one of the amazing food safe boards from Paul Williams - made from Norfolk timber ..
Rainbow Village, on the outskirts of bustling Taichung, is amazing. It took us a while to find, but what a find it is.   The government of the area wanted to demolish this old military dependants’ village, but they hadn’t bargained for Huang Yung-Fu who lived there. When he heard they wanted to demolish his home village, he picked up a brush and some bright paint and set to work. He has been painted every day, getting up at 3 am, and has transformed the housing into a totally unique and magic..
Two weeks to visit daughter Emma, and to see a little of the island of Taiwan – a country that is amazingly beautiful and full of the loveliest people. Two weeks of delight and unexpected discoveries. Worth the travel. A journey time of over 16 hours, a distance of 5990 miles   Emma lives in Zhongli, about an hour’s journey west and a bit south of the capital Taipei. It’s a bustling town, filled with cars, scooters, taxis, pedestrians. Pretty much everyone seems to ride a scooter. Crossing th..

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