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Celebrating 20 years!
This year we are celebrating our 20th year in business. Quite an achievement really, and reason to get the blog going again, and tell you a bit about what we do. I shall write some posts about the journey I have taken over these 20 years with my greeting cards and art, and some of the adventures I've had. However, we could not have reached this milestone without the support of some of our amazing stockists, and so I thought I’d tell you about some of these independent retailers during th..
    You may have noticed a new page on our website dedicated to our border collie products. This is because, sadly, our lovely collie Whisper has been diagnosed with a tumour with no chance of recovery.    Whisper has been just the best border collie a girl could have wished for - the kindest, the most amusing, the most loyal, the most annoying... So for that reason, we have decided to donate 20% from the sale of any of our border collie products to The Animal..
Well, it's been busy, busy, busy here at the Penny Lindop camp, so I've not visited this writing space for quite a while. But it's been an exciting few weeks, and today I just want to tell you a little about the Great Yorkshire Show which happened in the middle of July. Yes, that's me talking with Prince Charles We were exhibiting in the Country Living Marquee with its fantastic location on the site. Anyway, great excitement this year, as we had a royal visit on th..
With summer now officially underway, there are lots of things to look forward to, including playing a bit of tennis if you were inspired by Wimbledon. Are you a Rodger or Rafa fan? What about Novak? Or did you think Andy could do it?! For any tennis fans this new greeting card design is perfect   or if you prefer to enjoy the summer with a glass of pimms and a slice of strawberry cake, this may be more appropriate         Living in Norfolk has its benefits, one of them being the Nor..
I recently supplied some of my penguin wedding cards to a customer in Ireland, for a wedding in early June, where quirky was definitely considered good. This is what she did to them, and I love it! I love people to adapt, modify and write on the cards that I design - such great team work! And it's even better when they send me a picture of them. You can see more of Mark's photography here ..
Scottie dogs 30/04/2009
I've recently supplied some of my Scottie dog products to The Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme and as I didn't know about them before thought I'd give them a mention on my blog. There seem to be lots of Scottie dog fans out there - I have friends who have recently moved out to France with their 3 and have since got a 4th one. We've had their Scotties to stay in the past, while they were away, and I have to say they are quite full of character and determination! The first thing Gordon did w..
I would really appreciate comments on the new layout of my home page. There's now a slide show of some of my products - do you think the slide show is at the right speed? Is it of interest to you to see a range of products in this format? I also now have a button to enable you to sign up for a newsletter and another to come here to my blog. As a tiny thankyou for any useful comments, I will send you out a little sample - so do please email me separately to let me have a postal address: info@pe..
We still have stocks of some of our very unusual handmade Christmas cards, so it's not too late to choose 1 or 2 for someone special. Have a look at our website to see the range. I thank everyone who has bought our cards, calendar and gifts this season. We have been kept very busy which has been wonderful. And thank you for all those kind comments. What are your thoughts on sending Christmas cards? We're encouraged to divert the money spent on cards to charities, which is great, or to buy cha..
Penny Lindop has been producing a unique handmade calendar every year since 2000. It's available from the website but stocks are running out fast. While you are thinking about Christmas this year, and getting your diaries and calendars for next year, we are having to come up with designs now for 2010! This will be the 11th calendar - that'll be 132 individual calendar pictures, all with our fluffy handfinished element! We've got most of the ideas now for 2010 - I just need to sit down and get so..

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