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Plants And Flowers

Two weeks to visit daughter Emma, and to see a little of the island of Taiwan – a country that is amazingly beautiful and full of the loveliest people. Two weeks of delight and unexpected discoveries. Worth the travel. A journey time of over 16 hours, a distance of 5990 miles   Emma lives in Zhongli, about an hour’s journey west and a bit south of the capital Taipei. It’s a bustling town, filled with cars, scooters, taxis, pedestrians. Pretty much everyone seems to ride a scooter. Crossing th..
I thought I'd take you for a gentle walk today with Coota; he's our rescue staffie/lurcher cross who's been with us now for 7 months. I think he's doing really well, and to be honest, I think we're doing pretty well too since we've never had anything like him before. He's nothing like a collie!    So let's grab the lead and whistle and set off on our I'm taking you to Broomscot Common on the Norfolk/Suffolk borders. It's part of a community conservation project, so it's lovely t..
Yesterday we made a pilgrimage to Walsingham in North Norfolk for the snowdrops. What a fabulous few hours, with some rare sunshine and carpets of snowdrops to inspire and uplift. Here are a few too many photograpsh:   Rescue lurcher/Staffie Coota sat beatifully for a photo                        And just to show you how blue the sky was: I love red bricks, and patterns, so couldn't resist some details from the buildings:     And then we ..
What a treat this morning was - the best walk with our lively rescue dog Coota. He met dogs to play with, he ran, and the best bit, he didn't race off after squirrels and deer. He's responding to the whistle too. It's such a good feeling when the training goes well... It gives me a chance to unwind from a busy week, and to delight in the treasures found on a grey and dull day in Norfolk. Sitting beautifully at the start of the walk   So far, not a playmate in sight, but all those mole..
Knutsford is the town on the doorstep of Tatton Park, and it was fantastic to see so many shops joining in the celebration of flowers during the RHS flower show.  Here are some incredible displays:                         And finally, while we were at Tatton we had a quick visit to their farm (If you go places with my daughter Emma, and there's any chance of seeing some animals, then be warned, you will have to visit!)   Just look at those velvet antle..
It was our first time exhibiting the RHS Flower show at Tatton Park, and indeed our first visit to this part of the country. We took loads of photos and wanted to share some of the things that caught our eye over the week we were there. We had a heat wave and torrential rain; we had quiet times and incredibly busy times; we were in awe of all the huge amount of work of the dedicated gardeners and designers who put on such an amazing show; and we were amused by much of the humour.  Here are our..
There's not much opportunity to see much of the shows I attend when I'm on my own, but here are just a few bits that caught my eye while walking in in the mornings: These alpines greeted me as I walked along to the Country Living Magazine's marquee each day   There were some fantastic gardens designed and created by various schools, all themed around children's books. These hedgehogs amused me And some beautiful plantings designed with such creativity - I feel some new card designs c..
and took the woodland walk through this beautiful landscape of banksia and gum trees on the east side of the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne. We didn't find a koala up in these tall paperbark gum trees, but what a lovely place nevertheless. We walked through the woodland, across an estuary, to the coast (where a large sign warned pedestrians to be aware of large trucks!) and back through woodland to the wetland area (where I sited my first black swans) So I didn't find ..
One last post about Prague. We stumbled upon a farmer's market while going for a tram. I love the colours and richness - yummy!                 Mouth watering......
This morning was beautiful, with mists and sun so I went out early with the camera for some of those shots. But not early enough; within 10 minutes the sun had burnt off all that mist. So instead I'll take you round parts of my local market town of Diss:  Not a soul to be seen around the Mere apart from a couple of hopeful fishermen     It's market day on a Friday - these flowers looked so fresh this early   And I witnessed a spot of crafty shop lifting too... So many pl..

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