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I recently broke a very special cup. It's not really a special cup and the saucer has long since been mislaid. But it's the cup I remember my dad using for tomato soup when I was quite a young girl. My parents divorced early on so I never spent as much time as I would have liked with him, but my memories of moments in time from that period are special; hence this tomato soup cup is special. So I've made an attempt at mending it, inspired by Kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending broken pots - ..
Knutsford is the town on the doorstep of Tatton Park, and it was fantastic to see so many shops joining in the celebration of flowers during the RHS flower show.  Here are some incredible displays:                         And finally, while we were at Tatton we had a quick visit to their farm (If you go places with my daughter Emma, and there's any chance of seeing some animals, then be warned, you will have to visit!)   Just look at those velvet antle..
So this is my last ever blog post from Prague!  I’ll be back home in Norfolk for a few weeks before continuing my adventure elsewhere!   I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite places from this beautiful city.     First up; Vysehrad, an old fort up on top of a hill by the river. There’s lots to look at here, a cemetery where many famous Czech people are buried, a basilica church, and of course, an amazing view over the river!        The river itself is also a lot of fun, I ..
Well, following on from Emma's post on the internet problems we've been having, it seems apt to add this little tale about how I spent Monday morning.   I was apparently due an upgrade on my card payment terminal - upgrading from my lead weight dinosaur of a machine to a light weight super modern all singing and dancing beast.   Except that it didn't sing or dance. It just wouldn't install the software - it tried hard, all over the weekend.  So Monday dawns and I decide I need more help fro..
  This month has made all of us here at Penny Lindop Designs realise how much we depend upon the internet! Back in Norfolk, Mum’s been having a lot of trouble with the broadband speed (or lack of it!), probably a relatively frequent problem for people living in the country!  A good day for us     It makes running a small business extremely difficult – no emails in or out, which mean orders, both trade and retail, can’t be fulfilled! Nightmare! It also makes marketing..
An unexpected discovery today was finding the Kaeru project at the Hamer Hall Arts Centre in Melbourne. It's a collaborative work involving a Japanese artist in residence (Hiroshi Fuji), Melbourne's Slow Art Collective and the people of Melbourne. A transient exhibition about renewal, transformation, sustainability and collaborative art. If it hadn't been so wet I may well have sat in this tyre for a while, next to the little green frog...... If this interests you you can fin..
Just a few things that give me inspiration, from our wanderings around Prague. You need to look ahead, look up, look at the pavements - and also look where you're going so that you don't trip as I did several times!                      ..
I was enchanted by a lot of the street art in Prague - here's just a little alley we walked up, where I liked the lamppost, gate and street art:     This is the famous John Lennon wall - there's lots written about this; here's one place you can find out more  This just proves that daughter Emma has been there! Some buildings:   And finally for now, the love locks on a fence on a Prague canal bridge - padlocks are fixed on the fence symbolising love. They're just down from the ..
With a very hot week in which to explore the city, we soon wearied of walking everywhere. It's not a big city so if you're staying centrally, then walking is good. We decided to try out all transport methods that we could - bus, tram and metro. A word on tickets: these are valid for time periods and 1 ticket does for bus, tram and metro, as well as the funicular railway to the top of Petrin. You can get a ticket for a half hour, an hour, 24 hours and 72 hours. We went for a 72 hour one, ..
An exhausting day walking around Prague. We walked for hours. It's lovely, but a few too many people for our tastes - well it is mid August. But it was exhausting - partly due to these pavements: A fantastic and unexpected discovery in all the heat and the crowds was this fabulous little cafe tucked away in a back street near Charles Bridge - a contemporary art gallery and cafe with free wifi. We started with coffee, and after maybe an hour moved on to ginger ale. We were there for ages, it w..

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