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Rescue Dog

At the shows I'm often asked "What's it made out of?" Well, I use sheep's fleece, but in very small quantities, so this year I thought I'd take some fleece along with me. A splash of colour in the corners, I thought.  I cut a large sack to size and then loosely stitched some of my dyed sheep's fleece to it. I'm not a great stitcher, so this was a tad tedious for me The first dyed fleece stitched to the sack: This shows my beautiful stitching!:   As I stitched on more blocks of f..
I thought I'd take you for a gentle walk today with Coota; he's our rescue staffie/lurcher cross who's been with us now for 7 months. I think he's doing really well, and to be honest, I think we're doing pretty well too since we've never had anything like him before. He's nothing like a collie!    So let's grab the lead and whistle and set off on our I'm taking you to Broomscot Common on the Norfolk/Suffolk borders. It's part of a community conservation project, so it's lovely t..
Yesterday we made a pilgrimage to Walsingham in North Norfolk for the snowdrops. What a fabulous few hours, with some rare sunshine and carpets of snowdrops to inspire and uplift. Here are a few too many photograpsh:   Rescue lurcher/Staffie Coota sat beatifully for a photo                        And just to show you how blue the sky was: I love red bricks, and patterns, so couldn't resist some details from the buildings:     And then we ..
What a treat this morning was - the best walk with our lively rescue dog Coota. He met dogs to play with, he ran, and the best bit, he didn't race off after squirrels and deer. He's responding to the whistle too. It's such a good feeling when the training goes well... It gives me a chance to unwind from a busy week, and to delight in the treasures found on a grey and dull day in Norfolk. Sitting beautifully at the start of the walk   So far, not a playmate in sight, but all those mole..

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