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Just a few beauties from the Great Yorkshire Show last week - I thought I'd focus mainly on goats here as there were plenty of lovely sheep for you from the Royal Norfolk Show last month.  Goats - I really rather fell in love with them, but only had a very short time to admire them. That's the downside of doing shows on your own - just not enough time to look around.         Just a few shots of wash and brush up before the day begins:     And a little walk to stretch the..
I don't get much chance to look around at the shows that I attend as these days I'm on my own. But in my short little wander this is some of what caught my eye this year at the Royal Norfolk Show - some of it is mighty big A fab display from the oh so posh Breckland Orchard  - their Posh Pop is so refreshing during a long show   Tomatoes, on a grand scale: And a chopping board on a grand scale. This is one of the amazing food safe boards from Paul Williams - made from Norfolk timber ..
I thought I'd help any of you who are wondering whether to change your hair style - to fringe or not to fringe. Have a look at some of these - some great styles here, I thought!                   And then, how about this look:     I do love the Norfolk Show, and I do love the sheep. I might be inspired to add a few new breeds to my range of sheep cards....    ..
I'm just starting on next year's handmade calendar and, not wanting to duplicate ideas from previous years, had a quick look through the back issues.  Originally I thought a handmade calendar would be a fabulous way to welcome in the new millenium, so the year 2000 was going to be my year of the calendar. Just one year. Oh no, customers thought otherwise and here I am planning the 16th one. I'm actually quite proud of the achievement. Here they all are, all 15 to date:   This is the co..
My, that was quite a scorching hot Great Yorkshire show this year - a complete contrast to the wash out of last year! I was on my own this year for the show so I was very pleased to get this little message sent from Emma who is still overseas: Here is how we looked for this year's show, where we decided to have a much bigger stand than usual: They had to take my nameboard away to redo it as the letters were peeling, and this is what they brought back - we decided quirky was ok!   Op..
I was very excited to find a North Ronaldsay fleece at the Royal Norfolk Show. It's from a 4 year old ewe called Dianthe. They're an interesting ancient breed originating from North Ronaldsay in the Orkneys where they have been fenced off the land and confined to the beach. You can find out more about the breed here, from the Rare Breeds Survival Trust's.  It's one of the breeds that I first fell in love with when researching ancient European textile tools back in the 1980's. The following is..
I use natural and dyed sheep's fleece for finishing all my greeting cards and art work, and many of the colours have rather bizarre names - horse, Buff Orpingtons, dachshund, pig, and the like (based on what we use them for). Well, we've run out of "Mrs Nosey" - she was a bantam we had years ago, but in the studio we all know what this colour is. No time to dye any more at the moment, so it was out with the carders to do a bit of blending. I don't normally like to use merino tops as it doesn'..
  I had a nostalgic moment yesterday while undergoing a deep clean and expansion of the studio. I came across these sheets of permatrace with some of my original designs on, from when I started playing around with my woolly sheep – around 1994/5. Sue, my trusty studio manager, was intrigued by them and the story behind the start of the business: While my younger daughter (aged about 3) was being bathed by Dad, the elder one Emma (aged about 4) would have time to paint with Mum (an..
  Our interest in rare and ancient breeds of agricultural animals goes back to when Penny worked in archaeology. While working in the British Museum she became interested in ancient technology and explored aspects of early European textiles. This naturally led on to an interest in the ancient breeds of sheep, and now, some 25 years later, this interest has re-awakenened. Much inspiration comes from watching these wonderful animals.   We are currently working on our range of ancient breed gree..
Well, it's been busy, busy, busy here at the Penny Lindop camp, so I've not visited this writing space for quite a while. But it's been an exciting few weeks, and today I just want to tell you a little about the Great Yorkshire Show which happened in the middle of July. Yes, that's me talking with Prince Charles We were exhibiting in the Country Living Marquee with its fantastic location on the site. Anyway, great excitement this year, as we had a royal visit on th..

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