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We made a couple of trips to Taipei, and stayed in an airbnb for our last weekend.   One visit took us to the National Palace Museum where we thoroughly enjoyed an exhibition of calligraphy and art – sorry, photos weren’t allowed – followed by a gentle wet stroll around the gardens.   National Palace Museum, Taipei National Palace Museum, Taipei National Palace Museum, Taipei in the rain National Palace Museum, Taipei National Palace Museum, Taipei O..
Day 2 of our Japan adventure took us to the old part of Kanazawa, known as the Higashi Chaya District. What a contrast to the rest of the town!  Chaya translates as teahouse, and this is one of the areas of teahouses, entertainment and Geishas. We could have rented a kimono each and spent the day wandering gracefully around the area - there were plenty of kimono-clad girls walking about     Two-storey wooden buildings with paved streets and lanterns.              ..
Hi, it’s Emma from Taiwan again!   Today, I thought I’d look back at what I was expecting when I came to Taiwan, and what I’ve actually experienced. When you say the word Taiwan, maybe you think mass production, electronics and plastic toys – I did! But I’ve been so surprised in what I’ve found on my little explores and adventures around the island.   When mum and my sister Nicola visited a few weeks ago, we took a trip to Yingge, a small but renowned ceramic township. Here there was an ar..
Rainbow Village, on the outskirts of bustling Taichung, is amazing. It took us a while to find, but what a find it is.   The government of the area wanted to demolish this old military dependants’ village, but they hadn’t bargained for Huang Yung-Fu who lived there. When he heard they wanted to demolish his home village, he picked up a brush and some bright paint and set to work. He has been painted every day, getting up at 3 am, and has transformed the housing into a totally unique and magic..
Two weeks to visit daughter Emma, and to see a little of the island of Taiwan – a country that is amazingly beautiful and full of the loveliest people. Two weeks of delight and unexpected discoveries. Worth the travel. A journey time of over 16 hours, a distance of 5990 miles   Emma lives in Zhongli, about an hour’s journey west and a bit south of the capital Taipei. It’s a bustling town, filled with cars, scooters, taxis, pedestrians. Pretty much everyone seems to ride a scooter. Crossing th..
A little post from team member Emma out in Taiwan: It’s the first time I’ve ever celebrated Chinese New Year, and it was quite an experience! We all had a week long holiday (yay!), so we decided to take a trip to the beautiful Sun Moon Lake. Here we witnessed countless fireworks, red envelopes and banner, lots and lots of interesting food, and even small dogs in themed outfits! Sun Moon Lake gets my seal of approval, there was so much to do there; gondolas, amusements parks, peacock fa..
These photos sum up my year. I intended to have 1 photo per month, but a couple extra crept in January - filled with breath-takingly beautiful walks in the snow   February - lots of playing with my new camera, a Nikon D3200 (still so much to learn!)   March - the rains fell and the meadows were turned into an enchanting boggy place   April - Nicola came home to concentrate on some serious revision for her finals, and to enjoy her flowers   and I found a week to nip over to..
I flew out to Taiwan towards the end of August, so I still haven’t been here for too long, but so far I love it! It’s very different from what I’m used to, but that’s definitely not a bad thing. I came here with a couple of friends, and together we have started working (teaching English to very cute and clever Taiwanese children) and exploring the Island. So far we’ve been to night markets, where we have seen copious amounts of very odd looking food, and smelt the “stinky tofu”, which I’m not..
So this is my last ever blog post from Prague!  I’ll be back home in Norfolk for a few weeks before continuing my adventure elsewhere!   I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite places from this beautiful city.     First up; Vysehrad, an old fort up on top of a hill by the river. There’s lots to look at here, a cemetery where many famous Czech people are buried, a basilica church, and of course, an amazing view over the river!        The river itself is also a lot of fun, I ..

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