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It's almost 2 years since I last visited my blog; I guess life got in the way, and technology got too complicated. But I'll try again; the blog has now moved to onto Wordpress' platform to join the website, but isn't really quite finished - like many things in life, a work in progress. The techie bits are beyond me, so I'm relying on Harley over in Echointernet to sort out those bits. So I've been thinking about what I'd like to blog about, and what you may be interested in reading. My work i..
I have this crazy idea - to start yet another Norfolk networking group (boring, boring, do I hear you cry?) Well, I hope not. This is what I have in mind, and I'll write more in other posts about how the idea has developed: The idea is to enable busy people to spend a half day a month away from their offices and studios, switch off the business/work brain and turn on the creative brain. I'd like to invite Norfolk people (sorry if you live elsewhere, but distance is the problem) to jo..
  Hi! From Emma over in Prague   This month I’ve taken some time out to explore the gift and giving world!  Maybe I’m missing visiting the UK trade shows that happen at this time of year Here are a few of my favourites:   A cute donkey cushion is from Poppy Treffry. This website would be a great place to look around for some gift ideas, there’s everything from phone cases to egg cups!  If you’re feeling brave you can even watch videos on how to improve your own embroidery!   The drin..
Hi from Prague! I’ve been living here in Prague for almost four months now, teaching English, and I’m very much enjoying it. I’ve met some really interesting people, and made some good friends. We’ve already had our first snowfall here! Learning how to work our heating is quickly becoming a priority! There are already a few Christmas markets popping up throughout the city, they do a very good “hot wine” and cinnamon trdelnik ( a rolled pastry). Yummy! We’re used to celebrating birthdays..
This year was our first time at the Royal Highland Show, just outside Edinburgh and although it was quite a long drive and we faced challenging weather, it proved to be a very enjoyable show. We always love going to the agricultural shows – must be something to do with all the animals! Rather fittingly, we took lots of photos of highland cows this year and witnessed the unusual sight of a rather large cow at the “beauty salon” - hair being brushed and blow dryed! One of our ..
A couple of weeks before the Country Living Magazine's Spring fair I was clearing out one of the sheds to find a box of frames that had got forgotten. The frames looked tired and dull, so a quick trip was made into our local and very lovely interiors shop (Rooms with a View, in Diss) to get some Farrow and Ball paints. We chose 4 colours for this year which we think look very good together, and set off our work beautifully (well, we think so!) This is Charleston Grey - quite dark but really set..
Day 1 -setting up, part 1 An early start to sort out the dogs before setting off from Norfolk for London. Mike helps with this show, by driving us into London. We had to make a slight detour (maps on the iPad came in handy!) to get to a warehouse to pick up some paper bags - oops, hadn't realised I'd run out. We always arrive at the Business Design Centre early so that we can drive straight in and get unloaded. I unload while Mike puts up the lights; coffee and sarnie and then off to book in at ..
I often get asked: "Where do you get all your ideas from?" So I've given this some thought recently.  To be honest, most of my ideas nowadays come from my customers and people I chat to at the various shows I'm at. They make requests (some of which may transform into a new design, but some, I'm afraid, get put into a notebook where they stay). Working on these designs very often leads on to other ideas.... But I find walking with the dogs a very creative time; it's a time that I spend on m..
Project Garden 31/05/2011
Bank holiday weekend - time to take a break - why not tackle the garden, I thought. Garden! More like an unruly jungle. So I've spent 2 days out there and hardly made any impact at all. But I do have a plan: just attack one area at a time, and try to love the chaos elsewhere. So, this is what I have to work with - not a very inspiring, and definitely not destined for Chelsea, garden. And there's a whole lot more the other side of my studio down there.. Just a long expanse of space with no ..
Apologies 20/01/2011
Oh it has been a long time since we last wrote anything here! It's been an amazingly busy few months, but help is at hand: Emma and I will be sharing the joys of writing here, with little anecdotes and stories, so there's a much greater chance that there'll be posts to read - starting very shortly.......

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