A cool little haven in hot Prague

An exhausting day walking around Prague. We walked for hours. It's lovely, but a few too many people for our tastes - well it is mid August. But it was exhausting - partly due to these pavements: A fantastic and unexpected discovery in all the heat and the crowds was this fabulous little cafe tucked away in a back street near Charles Bridge - a contemporary art gallery and cafe with free wifi. We started with coffee, and after maybe an hour moved on to ginger ale. We were there for ages, it was glorious! We took it in turns to read and play with the iPad. Here's what I worked on, using the app Brushes: This is the start of Nicola's masterpiece:I'm not sure that Prague in the middle of August is the ideal holiday destination. It's a beautiful city, but so crowded, very touristy and very hot, with very few places to sit down. But it's the only way my 2 girls are going to meet up for a longish while, so here we are, and happy for some time together when emma can get away from her studies.