A Gentle Border Walk

I thought I'd take you for a gentle walk today with Coota; he's our rescue staffie/lurcher cross who's been with us now for 7 months. I think he's doing really well, and to be honest, I think we're doing pretty well too since we've never had anything like him before. He's nothing like a collie! 
So let's grab the lead and whistle and set off on our walk.....today I'm taking you to Broomscot Common on the Norfolk/Suffolk borders. It's part of a community conservation project, so it's lovely to have it on the doorstep and we love it there. A very therapeutic place, and good for inspiration.
To get to the common we walk across the village playing field and have a quick belt round with a ball
The common itself is fenced off, so perfect for a sight hound.
It has one area that is really quite boggy, and therefore not visited by Coota who doesn't really do watery things
Around one side there is gorse and small trees and under foot it's all tussocky and lovely
Sheep graze here for some parts of the year, but weren't here on this walk, but here's the sheep's fleece evidence in the trees:
The middle area is empty of trees and perfect for chasing rabbits. 
The rabbits are an important part of the project as they, and the sheep, keep down some of the vegetation which allows this beautiful mossy carpet to grow (Sorry, Coota just doesn't understand the concept of lying on the ground with a camera!)
I find this common particularly good for letting thoughts sought themselves out in my mind. It's when I get inspiration that seems to come from nowhere - the ideas for new card designs or a month on the calendar come in when some of the other stuff is allowed out. I can relax as I know Coota cannot run off, so it's a happy place, whatever the weather. 
And then home, via the playing field again for another burst of energy, chasing the ball.