A Little Needle Felting Goes a Long Way

At the shows I'm often asked "What's it made out of?" Well, I use sheep's fleece, but in very small quantities, so this year I thought I'd take some fleece along with me. A splash of colour in the corners, I thought. 
I cut a large sack to size and then loosely stitched some of my dyed sheep's fleece to it. I'm not a great stitcher, so this was a tad tedious for me The first dyed fleece stitched to the sack:
This shows my beautiful stitching!:
As I stitched on more blocks of fleece, you can see the gaps: 
And you can see that I had a little "help" from a certain rescue Staffie/lurcher (Coota by name): 
I needed a bit more rigidity to the whole sack thing, so took a little trip to the local garden centre for some of this:
Once all the fleece was added to the sack, I then needed to attach the whole piece to it's plastic backing and fill in the gaps.
I roughly stitched it all in place 
This is where the needle felting came in. I lay the sack of fleece over the plastic trellis stuff and needle felted it all together - very loosely as I didn't want to loose the fleece look, with all the locks of wool
And then the completed piece was tried, and approved, by the aforementioned dog
Here's the finished work, ready to take to the show:
I was on a needle felting roll now, and had found this plastic plant support at the garden centre.
I felted some undyed fleece to both rings, changed the plastic legs for dowels and had a relatively weird display for my handmade paper gift bags
Simple, inexpensive and environmentally quite green. And, not heavy to transport!