A Message from Chester: Introducing "Chester's Choice"

Who? What?
Let me introduce you to Chester again - among many of his roles is Recycling Manager, but he is also the limpet attached to my shin, the voice that wakes me up from a day dream and most importantly my companion throughout the day.
Yes, he's our little rescue dog, one ear up, one ear down. He can't explain any of his previous trauma, so we just are there for him when he sits quaking in the corner when it rains, or suddenly gives a high pitched scream when spooked by something.
Recycling Manager - he's taken to checking out the recycling bin in the studio every day, for any tasty morsals of mount board or handmade paper scraps - mmm, yumm!
Chester's message to you:
He invites you to join us on Twitter and follow us. You will then be party to "Chester's Choice"  - only available on Twitter. Chester's Choice is 15% discount on the greeting card, or picture, or one of our other products chosen each week by Chester. He'll choose a different design each and every week - so each and every week you will have the opportunity of buying one of our products at this reduced rate. But, you will have to come over to Twitter and follow us to find out more. Tempted? Just click the Twitter button on the right, and you'll be there.