A note from Prague

Hi from Prague! I’ve been living here in Prague for almost four months now, teaching English, and I’m very much enjoying it. I’ve met some really interesting people, and made some good friends.
We’ve already had our first snowfall here! Learning how to work our heating is quickly becoming a priority! There are already a few Christmas markets popping up throughout the city, they do a very good “hot wine” and cinnamon trdelnik ( a rolled pastry). Yummy!
We’re used to celebrating birthdays here in the United Kingdom, but what about Name Days? In the Czech Republic, everyday corresponds to a different name, and people celebrate on the day that relates to their name. It is most commonly just a family celebration with a few gifts or flowers….and I’m sure a lot of beer! You can find out when your name day is here (any excuse for a celebration!) My name day (Ema) is April 8th, but sadly Mum's name doesn't seem to exist over here I’m having a great time here, but am slightly jealous that I haven't been able to help out at the big London shows that Mum is doing – they’re always a lot of fun! Emma