A Plea to Retailers

We love retailers. Without them we'd be without a business. They do a great job getting our work in front of people and they work incredibly hard. But please could retailers think about us when they place their orders - by "us", I mean all designer/makers. We take your order and then fulfil it. This means that we, yes us as designer/makers, sit down and make whatever it is you've ordered.We've paid for the materials needed to make your order, we spend time on the pieces especially for you. We don't run a factory overseas - ours is a little "factory" at the bottom of the garden with just one or two people. Do you know how much it hurts when you turn round to us and say that you've changed your mind and you don't want the order anymore? Apart from upsetting the cashflow... This is a relationship based on trust - you trust us enough to place your order, we trust you enough to pay. Foolish us! Let's get that trust back. Personally I have a lovely relationship with all of my customers, built up over time, based on trust. When a customer messes me about, I stop supplying them, and they cease to be a customer.