An Episode in the life of a primula plant

So I've just done the Country Living Magazine's Spring Fair, well a week ago now, and this is a little story about my primula plant that I took there. I have a wonderful friend who came over to help me load the van before the show. She then went to our very brilliant local post office in Garboldisham (Norfolk) and found this very pretty primula plant - lots of flowers and lots of buds still to come, and a lovely orangey pinky colour. She bought it for my stand, so I dutifully put it by the front door along with my bag and the important show paperwork, just before leaving the house so that I wouldn't forget it. It's obvious what would happen next, but I wasn't into the obvious at the time - the border collie sat on it! Looking a bit sadder, it sat on the dashboard all the way to London. At the show I tidied it up a bit and it spent 5 days under 12 spot lights, just like I did. We both wilted a bit. But no end of customers admired it with comments like "I've never seen such a pretty primula; the colour is beautiful" It must have listened to this because it looked great for the whole time - sorry, I forgot to take a photo Then it got put in a crate along with other stuff for the journey home, and then of course it was forgotten until the crates got unpacked, which wasn't for a day or two. A bit of water helped to revive the poor thing and deadheading. But it's not happy - it's getting it's own back, because it's now just an ordinary yellow primula with not a sign of orangey pink left. I guess it had been drugged! And I'll continue to give it some tlc.