And more woes and amusement from Norfolk

Well, following on from Emma's post on the internet problems we've been having, it seems apt to add this little tale about how I spent Monday morning.
I was apparently due an upgrade on my card payment terminal - upgrading from my lead weight dinosaur of a machine to a light weight super modern all singing and dancing beast.
Except that it didn't sing or dance. It just wouldn't install the software - it tried hard, all over the weekend. 
So Monday dawns and I decide I need more help from the support team. To be fair, they did phone me back when I complained heavily about the premium rate for the call. 
The joys of living in the country meant that we haven't a good enough GPRS signal to perform the download, so I had to drive it into town, beg some space and a socket to plug it in in a local shop. There I was guided through the installation process by a very patient woman on the help desk - still poor signal strength so the whole thing took quite some time. 
Anyone else could probably just plug the thing in, follow the instructions, and start taking payments. But not us, not out in rural Norfolk. But I think it is now singing and dancing.
And that was the end of my Monday morning - amazingly we still managed to get most of the orders out by the end of the day.