Another show, another display

I set myself yet another challenge recently: The design of my stand at the next trade fair, Harrogate at the end of the week,  was looking a little bare at the top, so I decided I needed to do something. I fancied doing something to link this display with the one I did at Spring Fair, where we painted a mural. So I bought a couple of canvasses and a tube each of black  and white acrylic paint with the idea that I would paint my photographic landscapes and superimpose my fluffy animals. Now I've never used acrylic paints before so this might seem rash, with the show being so imminent! I dug out my mother's old easel - it's HUGE!! But then she used to do 8 x 4 foot paintings. It was a lovely day, so I put the easel up in the garden in the shade and, well, had some fun! The canvasses aren't quite as large as I would have liked, but they were all the shop had at the time, and the results aren't as good as I'd like, but I'll take them to the show and see how they look. These are the results: This is taken from a photo I took in the Lickey Hills a few years ago.
And this is from the Yorkshire Dales
What do you think? Shall I use them, or should I leave them behind in disgrace?!