Autumn Fair Birmingham

Well I've not been good at posting here - it's been an incredibly busy and eventful summer - but it's officially the start of autumn here as I'm off to Autumn Fair at the NEC in Birmingham in about an hour. The van is loaded - amazingly this was actually done last night! Now I just need some sustenance to keep me going - apricots, nuts, that sort of thing - as it's hard to get off the stand during the show - I shall be on my own this time as Emma, my trusty co-pilot, is off to Birmingham University in a couple of weeks and has lots to do herself. I'll certainly know the way to Birmingham! It's been a challenge helping Emma to prepare for uni - student finance being the biggest challenge. She's still not heard about her finance yet.... But everything else is finally falling into place and it's getting quite exciting. She's even got herself a Facebook page - reluctantly!! My 2 daughters must be very unusual teenagers - neither are bothered about Facebook - yet!! The Big Red Bag will be coming to the trade show with me - filled with lovely goodies... It may even get into another photo. I'll post something up on my return. Since I've decided that it is now autumn, I shall just go and put raincoat and boots in the van. If you're coming to the show, do come and say hello - Stand 3 X19 - if not, why not leave a comment here so that I can see if anyone actually reads the blog!