Big Red Bag went to Autumn Fair trade show

Big Red Bag - you may remember it: I won this amazing canvas bag in a business raffle at a Wire meeting. It was donated by Toy Tidy who supply great storage solutions for all that stuff that kids have. I had a problem at the Autumn Fair this year, because I had to take a delivery with me for a customer to collect from my stand. But there's really no storage space on my stand, especially for a box as big as this one. But then I had a brain wave and rushed to get Big Red Bag. I stuffed it with lots of my lovely dyed fleece that I use on my handmade greeting cards and art work (have a look here if you can't remember what I do - lots of amusing fluffy animals!) and took it off to the show. And lo and behold, behind Big Red Bag, and hidden beneath all the overflowing fleece, is the box for my customer! (Well, you can't lo and behold it actually, because it's hidden...) That fleece is so scrummy - soft, warm and with a lovely smell. I can't resist it! I do find myself emptying my supplies onto the studio floor sometimes, just because of the warmth and the colour!