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We have a great selection of presents and gifts for lovers of Border Collies, from pictures and limited edition prints including the print of Sheep, Collie and Landrover through to notecards, greeting cards including the sheep and collie dog and our beautiful Sheep and Collie Clock.

Whisper was our border collie - well, Emma's border collie, but we've all loved him. He was 12 years old and was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was very sad news as we loved him to bits and hadn't been prepared for such an illness. He was just the most amazing border collie; he gave so much to so many, and would never had had a bad word to say to anyone.

Sadly within 3 weeks of Whisper going, we lost our little rescue lad, Chester. We didn't know he was also ill with cancer, and he just lost the will to keep going without his best support.

So until May 20th 2014 we will be donating 20% of all sales from products on this page to Emma's chosen charity - The Animal Health Trust in Newmarket - in memory of both our boys. This is a charity that has been fighting disease and injury in animals for over 50 years. We like to go down there from time to time just to sit outside with a cup of tea from their cafe. Click here to find out about all the work that they do, and also if you would like to give a donation to them yourself.

If you liked our selection of border collie gifts, why not take the time to browse through our range of gift ideas for dog lovers.

If this is a gift for someone, why not choose one of our greeting cards with a similar design to accompany the gift - this would really put an extra smile on their face.

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Collie and Woolly Sheep Print
Our border collie and woolly sheep print is a fabulous gift for any sheep lover, shepherd or s..
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Collie Herding Sheep Print
Our border collie herding sheep print is a perfect gift for a shepherd, or sheep lover. Herding shee..
Ex Tax: £28.33
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Geese and border collie print
Our geese and border collie print is a lovely quirky gift for a farm animal lover. Border colli..
Ex Tax: £28.33
In Stock

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