Border Collie Whisper Makes a Difference


You may have noticed a new page on our website dedicated to our border collie products. This is because, sadly, our lovely collie Whisper has been diagnosed with a tumour with no chance of recovery. 
Whisper has been just the best border collie a girl could have wished for - the kindest, the most amusing, the most loyal, the most annoying... So for that reason, we have decided to donate 20% from the sale of any of our border collie products to The Animal Health Trust. The Animal Health Trust is a charity based in Newmarket that works to fight against injuries and diseases in animals. They’ve had numerous success stories - you can read some of them here - and do amazing work. They also serve a very good tea and cake!
Whisper was loved by everyone in the Lindop house and everyone at Penny Lindop Designs, even if he did get in the way and make a general nuisance of himself on occasions! We’ve had him since he was a small and fluffy puppy.
I used to take him to dog training (not sure how successful that was!) where he seemed to spend a great deal of time cleaning out the ears of a huge German Shepherd dog! We also tried our hand at agility – we even won a couple of rosettes! Although I think Whisper mostly just did as he pleased.
Evidence of this also exists when you take a look around our garden; firstly there’s Whisper’s very own secret den underneath an old tree trunk. He dug this all by himself, it took him quite a while, but he looked very proud of the finished result. 




There’s also a potato plant in one of our flower beds; Whisper had a habit of stealing potatoes from the kitchen; they’d often turn up around the house or in his bed, but this one ended up sprouting! He loved a stick or a ball and he loved the seaside



These are just some of the many memories that we have of our lovely boy, and we’ll never forget him. We shall give him the best that we can for this last part of his life.
We’re sure many of you have dogs or pets that you feel the same way about, so any support for the Animal Health Trust would be very welcome and greatly appreciated. You can buy our products here, or if you’d just like to give a donation to The Animal Health Trust, you can do this here.
It would be great if you could spread the word of what we are doing...