Christmas thoughts by Emma

It may only be the beginning of October, but here at Penny Lindop Designs, we’ve been busy, busy, busy on our preparations for the Christmas period. In fact, we actually had to start thinking about Christmas at the beginning of the year when we were designing the 2012 calendar. It’s always quite a challenge to come up with new ideas for every month, so if you have any designs on your wishlist for future editions please let us know! I hope you like my idea for the Olympics in July...
During the summer months, I’ll often take a cup of tea down to Mum in the cabin and be surprised to find her adding fluff to reindeers and Christmas stockings - take a peak at the Christmas designs here but I think all the planning ahead is worth it, as there are plenty of new designs for this year; my favourite is this horse with the little robin.
At this time of year, it’s all about building up stock for the Christmas shows that are coming up throughout November and December, and for the shop orders that we have coming in. With our small team it can often be a challenge to make sure we have enough cards, and even more of a challenge trying to store them all before the shows! 
Even though it’s hard work, the Christmas period is also one of the most enjoyable times of the year for us, as we get to meet more of our customers and hear what they think about what we’re doing. So if you can get to any of the shows (which will be listed on our website) do come and see what we have to offer. I shall be doing one or two days, depending on my university studies, and obviously Mum will be at them all!
We look forward to seeing lots of you.