Crescendo - now that's a lovely musical term and nicely sums up the activity happening in the studio, house and garden at the moment. One week now before Spring Fair Birmingham, the giant of the UK trade shows. Preparations got off to a gentle start after Christmas with designs going off to the printers, thoughts being jotted down, lists drawn up, but not a lot of activity to start with. We then had to move up a gear with some marketing - newsletters, surveys and the like. And now we're at a bit of a gallop....
Mr PLD is busy renovating the displays - hosing down our horticultural crates that make up the stand, painting bits of MDF, checking light fittings and the like. While I've been busy doing the more "creative" stuff (I like to think!) - cutting stencils:
and painting wooden clothes pegs!:
But I must be careful that my crescendo ends on a high, and not an awful bang....long bath and glass of wine at the end of the day helps!