Dog's Trust Chester joins his local business community

Chester, our rescue dog from the Dog's Trust in Snetterton, joined his local business community last night on a netwalking event at the Norfolk Showground - and he had a thoroughly good time! There's no way he would have coped with the event when he first came to us, but that was some years ago now. I'm very pleased to say that he had no rude words to say to his fellow dog walkers (I can't say that his manners are always so impeccable!), and happily joined in the fun - one of the first to check out the stockman's accomodation (he's the black dog, the other is Malcolm),
and one of the first to the buffet at the end of the walk.
He even tried to get a lift home with the Best of Norwich team!
He so thoroughly enjoyed himself that he's wondering where the next one might be - he'll have to check out Norfolk networking here to find out!