Emma's Christmas Show Blog

I always enjoy helping out at different shows, and this year was the second time that I’ve been to Spirit of Christmas in London. The first challenge for me was to get from Euston station to Kensington Olympia; last year I took the bus option, but this year I braved the tube, and managed not to get lost once (it was a lot easier than I expected). When I arrived Mum had already done most of the setting up, and there was just the finishing touches to get done (that's the part I love doing). I think the stand looked pretty good, considering we had a pillar to work around! 
The first day was incredibly busy, trying to keep track and write down everything that was sold proved a tricky task, and finding the time to drink the odd cup of tea was very difficult. I like busy days though, they seem to go a lot quicker than normal, and I like learning which products are more popular at different shows; it was Border terriers this year on all sorts of products from cards and gift tags through to pictures, and the calendars were selling fast too. 
At the beginning of the days, before the show opens to the public, we had a chance to have a quick look around, and get a bit of Christmas shopping done, the whole show looked very Christmassy and the best view was found from the upper level looking down.
I was only at the show for a couple of days, and then it was back to uni. I was quite disappointed that I couldn’t go to the Country Living show too, although I’m not too sure how much stock there was left after this one! 
Mum’s only got a few more shows left before the end of the year, so if you still need to buy someone a special card for Christmas, or a present that’s a little bit different, then try and get along to Blackthorpe Barns in Suffolk where we have a special offer! And of course you can always visit our newly refurbished website.