Empty Nest Syndrome

I caught part of a programme today on BBC Radio Norfolk about Empty Nest Syndrome - ie, the kids have just flown the nest. Both my girls have now left for university, the youngest just starting her 1st year in nursing at Cardiff and the elder just starting her 2nd year in International Studies with Economics at Birmingham. I thought I'd reflect on this idea of empty nest syndrome. I always thought that a syndrome was a medical condition, and surely when you have children you accept that one day they will leave home and do their own thing. So, syndrome?... Sure, I feel sad that they've gone, but that's only from a selfish point of view - I'm sad because they're not here to chat to etc. Actually I'm excited for them, setting out on their journey through life, making their own mistakes and revelling in their discoveries and joys. If I'm honest, I'm a tad jealous too - I had a wonderful time at university and would gladly go there all over again! I'm proud that I've brought up 2 girls who are brave enough to leave their nest and launch themselves onto the big outside world. However, that does leave myself and their dad to sort out our lives! This might take us some time, getting used to the new found freedom. It hasn't taken any time at all to enjoy the reduced amount of dishes and clothes that need washing! So, all change - but what an opportunity for all members of the family.