Forget- Me- Not Village

The forget-me-nots are just beginning to flower in our garden. Without fail these little flowers take me right back to when I was 8 years old when I was sent away to school.
At this school we had a woodland area at the top of the grounds where adults were not allowed. It was called Forget-Me-Not Village and was where we, as children, were free to go after school during the spring and summer. The path up to the woodland was full of forget me nots; the woodland itself had been modified by, presumably the school gardener - paths were cut around the trees leaving the trees standing on little islands. Each island was a house, and each year we children put ourselves into little make believe families. Holly leaves were our currency when we went shopping. We had to wear our blue smock overalls to be allowed into the village; I remember we held weddings, and we did shopping. I don't remember much else except for the darkness of the woods and the beautiful mass of blue flowers along the path. Most of the children at the school came from families in the forces overseas or from broken families, so I don't know how happy a place this village was for everyone. I suspect that it was a perfect escape for some, and very sad for others. My own memories are not of families and make believe, but of tranquility and calm. I only have one card design at the moment, but you can see it if you click here
I'm looking forward to watching these lovely little blue flowers blossom - with all the sunshine at the moment, they should do well in the next few days.