Inspiration from a dull grey day

What a treat this morning was - the best walk with our lively rescue dog Coota. He met dogs to play with, he ran, and the best bit, he didn't race off after squirrels and deer. He's responding to the whistle too. It's such a good feeling when the training goes well... It gives me a chance to unwind from a busy week, and to delight in the treasures found on a grey and dull day in Norfolk.
Sitting beautifully at the start of the walk
So far, not a playmate in sight, but all those molehills had to be pee'd on so that kept him occupied
Thankfully pigs don't seem to interest him much, although I found it fascinating to watch them wallowing in all that mud - what on earth do they find to eat in it?
I was determined to look for the beautiful today, and for inspiration, it being such a grey dull day. Some gorgeous lichen caught my eye, that lovely bluey green sitting on those deep brown winter leaves.
These grasses took me back to my student days in the 70's when I studied environmental archaeology. It was the inspiration of Dr Susan Limbrey that led to my love of grasses. You could learn so much about the prehistoric landscapes from the grass seeds in the soil samples.  I've forgotten all their names, but I still absolutely love their beauty, even here. 
Environmental archaeology again - tree rings, and dating episodes in prehistory. Fascinating.
Back to Coota - yes, he found plenty of playmates today - in this blurry photo Coota is having loads of fun with a black lab and a labradoodle. (The photo could be nothing but blurry, the speed they were all going!)
One worn out staffie/lurcher cross, loving his life in his new(ish) home.
Where do you like to go on a dull grey day to unwind?