Internet Woes from Prague and Norfolk!!

This month has made all of us here at Penny Lindop Designs realise how much we depend upon the internet!
Back in Norfolk, Mum’s been having a lot of trouble with the broadband speed (or lack of it!), probably a relatively frequent problem for people living in the country! 
A good day for us
It makes running a small business extremely difficult – no emails in or out, which mean orders, both trade and retail, can’t be fulfilled! Nightmare! It also makes marketing a challenge – so much of it is now based around social media on line (including messaging back to base through Facebook); taking card payments has been a no-go too with additional problems there!
It’s not just out in the country where slow internet is a problem; I’m having to write this from a Starbucks in Prague because the Wi-Fi in our flat is very hit and miss! Mind you, the Wi-Fi is free, the tea is hot, and the coffee shop is warm – outside it’s around 3 degrees, with more snow fall over the weekend. 
While having slow internet isn’t as much of a problem for me, it does still cause some disruption – downloading materials for lesson planning, checking emails, and updating the website all become very time consuming! Attempting to have a conversation over Skype is almost impossible, and the frozen video results in some extremely odd facial expressions! 
Here is an interesting article on the possible consequences and likelihood of the internet crashing.
While no internet is a problem, it does give us the opportunity to do things that we probably otherwise wouldn’t: reading, a thorough clean of my bedroom and the kitchen, and some very experimental cooking!