My Great Yorkshire Show

My, that was quite a scorching hot Great Yorkshire show this year - a complete contrast to the wash out of last year! I was on my own this year for the show so I was very pleased to get this little message sent from Emma who is still overseas:
Here is how we looked for this year's show, where we decided to have a much bigger stand than usual:
They had to take my nameboard away to redo it as the letters were peeling, and this is what they brought back - we decided quirky was ok!
Opposite me was artist Elaine Johnston who broke up her days by painting large canvasses - I'm hoping to be able to post up a video of her at work, once I've worked out how to do it.
Being on my own left me little time for walk-abouts, but I wanted to visit the sheep pens so came in extra early. I just love the variety of looks, which always make me smile
Herdwick, looking comical with its very big head
Jacob horns
The curly coat of a Masham
Not sure that this Wensleydale can see where it's going
The magnificent horns of a Whitefaced Woodland
Whitefaced Woodland
I nipped into the fleece tent - all safely on show in what resemble rabbit hutches
Show Fleeces
I enjoyed these scenes too:
Queueing for the shower
Early morning clean up for the Shorthorns
Taking the pig for a walk
And no agricultural show can go without it's collection of tractors
And finally, since I stayed over for an extra night, I met up with Shirley Hunter from Northern Ireland who was coming over for the Harrogate Home and Gift Trade Show and we breakfasted in style at Betty's
So pretty!
A breakfast feast