Norfolk Sketchers - Come and Join Me!

I have this crazy idea - to start yet another Norfolk networking group (boring, boring, do I hear you cry?) Well, I hope not. This is what I have in mind, and I'll write more in other posts about how the idea has developed: The idea is to enable busy people to spend a half day a month away from their offices and studios, switch off the business/work brain and turn on the creative brain.
I'd like to invite Norfolk people (sorry if you live elsewhere, but distance is the problem) to join me in Norwich for a morning each month armed with sketch book or notebook, and pen, pencil or whatever implement you like to make marks with. I'd like us to spend time either as a group or wandering off on our own to spend some time sketching and writing, and then re-group for a drink and chat. How does that sound? All you have to do is turn up, sketch or write, drink coffee or whatever is your chosen beverage, chat and enjoy switching to the other side of your brain. I am certain that this will benefit us all, and bring out some amazing ideas.
The Twitter hashtag will be #NorfolkSketchers, so please use this in your tweets to help promote it I have created a Norfolk Sketchers Facebook page (apologies for awful image and logo - very temporary!), so would love ideas and comments there too. You can find the page here Please comment below, and come and join the fun. Day and time to be fixed. I'm excited by this and can't wait to get going!