Not your average lazy Sunday

Today, being Sunday, I thought I could really get on with those last bits that need doing before setting off for the shows. Sundays are quiet days, no phone calls, no one trying to sell me anything etc - aren't they? So today, when I have a long list to work through, the phone starts at 9.30 with someone wanting to order from the website but preferring to do this by phone - and could she have the order quite quickly please? 10.15 another phone call - someone from Scotland wanting some advice on calendars. An then an email comes in - could she place an order for her business please, and could she have this next week? And another email - could I please do this one bespoke card by Nov 12th for someone's birthday? Well, no not really, but guess what? I've just done it for them, so I hope they'll like it. In fact I've done everyone's orders and they'll all go out on Tuesday. All's done. I've even remembered to pack a few clothes and a book. The van's loaded with every last square inch filled - poor thing will have to work hard tomorrow!