Our temporary mural - Part 2

Just to finish off the story behind our mural and Spring Fair trade stand: We wanted our stand to be true to our beliefs of re-using and no waste, and it took quite a bit of effort to get it to come together. Having decided to paint our mural, based on the photography of the woods which we use in our Country Walks range of cards, we then had to put the display together so that it all looked in keeping. We already have our wonderful boxes made from reclaimed timber by Once Upon a Pine, but we needed some sort of shelving to sit our products on. I'd already got a couple of old plastic horticultural crates from our local nurseries, and I thought they might work. But it was a devil's own job to find more crates because they come in from Holland with the potted plants in. After days of googling and phoning, I was put on to a nursery even closer - believe it or not, in our own village!! So a huge thank you to Robin Taachi Plants who were able to let me have as many as I needed at a very reasonable rate - they were just sitting outside not doing anything, so that pleased me that, a) they were very local and b) they were just sitting around being idle. Next problem: they'd been sitting outside for years and all that dirt and staining had to be removed. We tried all sorts of things to get them looking good until husband thought about the back to black stuff he uses on the car bumpers. He did the work, and they came up a treat. These crates are brilliant - all the products sat in them for transport to the show, so we didn't need extra boxes. And then we just used cable ties to fasten them together as shelving. I'm so pleased! And I'll be using them for stock for my retail shows too - like Country Living Spring in a couple of weeks.