The new canvas paintings

Just an update on the canvas paintings I did to attract buyers to my stand at the Home and Gift Fair in Harrogate. On the evening before leaving Norfolk I quickly did a 3rd canvas - I still had a long thin area of white wall on my stand, so I decided on a canvas 1 metre long by 30 cms high. I quickly rustled up a landscape (I really don't think you can "rustle up" such a thing) in between loading the van and cooking a meal. Well, the canvasses were quite the talking point - so much so, that I've been asked to work out trade prices for them. I now need to think about this new development - can I reach a good trade price? Is this something I'd like to add to what I do for a while? What other paintings can I do? All very flattering, and I'm looking forward to exploring the possibilities.
2 of the canvasses at the Home and Gift Fair