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I had the tiniest parcel of fleece delivered yesterday and it led to a massive, all-day sort out of all the fleeces on hand at the moment. This has to be done every year to check for moths, and a fine day is perfect. But I just love fleece, and I love all the colours I've built up over the years. There's no way I will ever use it all up in my work (unless I take up spinning again.....), but it's so gorgeous! I ordered these carded batts of Scandinavian fleece, because I didn't know what th..
We've just dispatched the younger daughter off to Sri Lanka with a group from her school - all very exciting, but also very expensive. We've not paid for this trip - she's had to raise the funds herself. But I did help - I decided that my stiffening fingers could do with a work-out, so I got out the crochet hook and made flower brooches and hairclips - loads of them!! We've been selling them at all sorts of events and they've been really popular, so I keep on crocheting. Here's a few of them: ..

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