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One last post about Prague. We stumbled upon a farmer's market while going for a tram. I love the colours and richness - yummy!                 Mouth watering......
The other day I was thinking about a new display for all our pictures - the boxes we use at the moment are great but they're heavy and very bulky. I came across a pile of scrap rough wood at a local garden centre with a sign reading "Free wood" - hmm, I could maybe use some of this, I thought, so came home with these:  I took them apart and rebuilt them to the sizes I needed  Bought some dowel  Painted them in our "house" colour  And there you have them And then decided maybe I ne..
If you love paper, then you'll love Papelote, gorgeous Czech stationery. We stumbled upon the shop when totally exhausted at the end of a hard day's walking, and our visit there completely revived us. We went back twice more, and did come out eventually with some purchases.           To find out more about this wonderful place click here and enjoy!..
This morning was beautiful, with mists and sun so I went out early with the camera for some of those shots. But not early enough; within 10 minutes the sun had burnt off all that mist. So instead I'll take you round parts of my local market town of Diss:  Not a soul to be seen around the Mere apart from a couple of hopeful fishermen     It's market day on a Friday - these flowers looked so fresh this early   And I witnessed a spot of crafty shop lifting too... So many pl..
  I'm no expert, but then lots of us aren't so I thought I'd show you what I'm doing to produce the white backgrounds that we need for our product photographs. It's not perfect, so do please add your comments so that we can all improve. I use Photoshop, so that might be the first stumbling block for some. I’m not an expert with Photoshop; it’s just that that’s what I’ve got! This is all I do: Open the file. From the toolbar on the left, select the polygonal lasso tool. You need to go ..
So, it's fairly obvious from my work that I like things in rows. I mean, look at this: rows and rows of woolly sheep. You can see this on the website here And then I like stripes too, as seen in my exhibition display using ticking fabric: So I was a happy bunny walking along Happisburgh beach at the weekend - stripes and rows everywhere:             If I were still designing on the loom in weaving, what inspiration I'd be finding here. Weaving (one of my many past liv..
  I always enjoy helping out at different shows, and this year was the second time that I’ve been to Spirit of Christmas in London. The first challenge for me was to get from Euston station to Kensington Olympia; last year I took the bus option, but this year I braved the tube, and managed not to get lost once (it was a lot easier than I expected). When I arrived Mum had already done most of the setting up, and there was just the finishing touches to get done (that's the part I love doing). I..
Well, we're nearly organised for the Spring Fair at the NEC Birmingham in 10 days time. We have a completely new display which I'm quite pleased with - almost everything is recycled, reclaimed or re-used, so this fits in nicely with our whole philosophy. We've had a lot of support from various sources, helping us to find the bits we've needed - quite a challenge at times! It would have been easier to just buy a display system, but we don't do "easy"!! I have some beautiful boxes made by On..

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