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  I had a nostalgic moment yesterday while undergoing a deep clean and expansion of the studio. I came across these sheets of permatrace with some of my original designs on, from when I started playing around with my woolly sheep – around 1994/5. Sue, my trusty studio manager, was intrigued by them and the story behind the start of the business: While my younger daughter (aged about 3) was being bathed by Dad, the elder one Emma (aged about 4) would have time to paint with Mum (an..
Well, it's still pretty wet under foot down on our local fen, Scarfe Meadow. A week ago it was totally flooded, but I didn't manage to get down there with a camera. Today I just took a few on my phone - not a particularly nice day, just grey, a bit cold, but I always love going down to these meadows (when the cows aren't in there!!)   This is normally just a little brook, but it's burst it's banksI love all the reflections - it's sparked a little idea. Inspiration can come from all sorts of plac..
Let me take you around a part of our village, where I love to take the dogs for a gentle stroll.  Let's start with the village sign:        And then over the main road to the church: Up a few steps and then along a footpath   and across to the style and along one of my favourite parts of the village along past these beautiful beech trees and this lovely fat tree. We then turned left to go along this shaded footpath (where I'm expecting to see snowdrops quite s..
With so little time away from sending out orders, here are just a few of my favourite things from the recent Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair Hilarious tea towels from Poppy Treffry - way too lovely to use One of our favourites at many shows, these potato print pictures from Red Hen Originals For perfection to detail in wood, check out Jenny Burt's work And I love this amazing reindeer from Pollyfields This cute little dog caught my fancy, from Angel Bill. I like the wooden ..
An unexpected discovery today was finding the Kaeru project at the Hamer Hall Arts Centre in Melbourne. It's a collaborative work involving a Japanese artist in residence (Hiroshi Fuji), Melbourne's Slow Art Collective and the people of Melbourne. A transient exhibition about renewal, transformation, sustainability and collaborative art. If it hadn't been so wet I may well have sat in this tyre for a while, next to the little green frog...... If this interests you you can fin..
and took the woodland walk through this beautiful landscape of banksia and gum trees on the east side of the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne. We didn't find a koala up in these tall paperbark gum trees, but what a lovely place nevertheless. We walked through the woodland, across an estuary, to the coast (where a large sign warned pedestrians to be aware of large trucks!) and back through woodland to the wetland area (where I sited my first black swans) So I didn't find ..
One last post about Prague. We stumbled upon a farmer's market while going for a tram. I love the colours and richness - yummy!                 Mouth watering......
If you love paper, then you'll love Papelote, gorgeous Czech stationery. We stumbled upon the shop when totally exhausted at the end of a hard day's walking, and our visit there completely revived us. We went back twice more, and did come out eventually with some purchases.           To find out more about this wonderful place click here and enjoy!..
Just a few things that give me inspiration, from our wanderings around Prague. You need to look ahead, look up, look at the pavements - and also look where you're going so that you don't trip as I did several times!                      ..
I was enchanted by a lot of the street art in Prague - here's just a little alley we walked up, where I liked the lamppost, gate and street art:     This is the famous John Lennon wall - there's lots written about this; here's one place you can find out more  This just proves that daughter Emma has been there! Some buildings:   And finally for now, the love locks on a fence on a Prague canal bridge - padlocks are fixed on the fence symbolising love. They're just down from the ..

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