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An exhausting day walking around Prague. We walked for hours. It's lovely, but a few too many people for our tastes - well it is mid August. But it was exhausting - partly due to these pavements: A fantastic and unexpected discovery in all the heat and the crowds was this fabulous little cafe tucked away in a back street near Charles Bridge - a contemporary art gallery and cafe with free wifi. We started with coffee, and after maybe an hour moved on to ginger ale. We were there for ages, it w..
This morning was beautiful, with mists and sun so I went out early with the camera for some of those shots. But not early enough; within 10 minutes the sun had burnt off all that mist. So instead I'll take you round parts of my local market town of Diss:  Not a soul to be seen around the Mere apart from a couple of hopeful fishermen     It's market day on a Friday - these flowers looked so fresh this early   And I witnessed a spot of crafty shop lifting too... So many pl..
A Good Day Out 02/03/2012
  So, earlier in the month mum and I took a trip to the NEC for the huge international Spring Fair for the gift trade. We had to postpone the visit a day or two due to the unexpected snow! We’ve been exhibiting at this trade show for quite a few years, so it was a bit of a change to not be working and having a look around instead and doing a bit of research for some new ideas. The show is the biggest that I’ve been to, and it’s always quite fun to look around the card hall, which is wher..
So, it's fairly obvious from my work that I like things in rows. I mean, look at this: rows and rows of woolly sheep. You can see this on the website here And then I like stripes too, as seen in my exhibition display using ticking fabric: So I was a happy bunny walking along Happisburgh beach at the weekend - stripes and rows everywhere:             If I were still designing on the loom in weaving, what inspiration I'd be finding here. Weaving (one of my many past liv..
Who? What? Let me introduce you to Chester again - among many of his roles is Recycling Manager, but he is also the limpet attached to my shin, the voice that wakes me up from a day dream and most importantly my companion throughout the day. Yes, he's our little rescue dog, one ear up, one ear down. He can't explain any of his previous trauma, so we just are there for him when he sits quaking in the corner when it rains, or suddenly gives a high pitched scream when spooked by something. ..
  Our interest in rare and ancient breeds of agricultural animals goes back to when Penny worked in archaeology. While working in the British Museum she became interested in ancient technology and explored aspects of early European textiles. This naturally led on to an interest in the ancient breeds of sheep, and now, some 25 years later, this interest has re-awakenened. Much inspiration comes from watching these wonderful animals.   We are currently working on our range of ancient breed gree..
I came across this challenge, 30 days of creativity quite by chance by following various links of people I like in Facebook, and thought: yes, I could do that. I’m up for the challenge. But because life is pretty full at the moment I set myself the additional challenge of a half hour time limit. 30 days to make a habit; "Your brain is like a muscle. When you exercise it, it gets stronger." Well, much to my amazement I got to the end of the 30 days with something sketched or created every..
With summer now officially underway, there are lots of things to look forward to, including playing a bit of tennis if you were inspired by Wimbledon. Are you a Rodger or Rafa fan? What about Novak? Or did you think Andy could do it?! For any tennis fans this new greeting card design is perfect   or if you prefer to enjoy the summer with a glass of pimms and a slice of strawberry cake, this may be more appropriate         Living in Norfolk has its benefits, one of them being the Nor..
  We’re off to Pensthorpe nature reserve in early June to take part in their annual Gardening, Craft and Food fair, as part of Dead Good Designs. It’ll be our first show working together as a team, so should be a lot of fun. Pensthorpe? Yes, it might ring a bell as it was the nature reserve that played host to the BBC’s Springwatch for the last three years – just have a look at this impressive list of species that live or visit there.  What an amazi..
I loved the Malvern Gardening Show - not exhibited at this type of show before, so it was quite a gamble but one that I think will pay off. I was in the Country Living Magazine's marquee, along with some really lovely people - it makes such a difference when everyone is so friendly and helpful.  I allowed 2 days to get to Malvern and set up the stand - I like the more relaxed start to a show, and it gave me time to have lunch with daughter Emma in Birmingham.  The stand went together really we..

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