My 30 Days of Inspiration

I came across this challenge, 30 days of creativity quite by chance by following various links of people I like in Facebook, and thought: yes, I could do that. I’m up for the challenge. But because life is pretty full at the moment I set myself the additional challenge of a half hour time limit.
30 days to make a habit; "Your brain is like a muscle. When you exercise it, it gets stronger."
Well, much to my amazement I got to the end of the 30 days with something sketched or created every day - they're all now on my Pinterest board here
I really enjoyed doing this, and as a result I have a new range of little collages ready to take to my next show; I've found some inspiration from some of the days; I have some new card designs, including some sheep, some plants and flowers and the much requested greyhounds The challenge has been incredibly worthwhile - I've done some stuff I wouldn't have thought of doing before, and all just because I made an effort for 30 minutes each day!
New dragonfly card
Greyhound soon to be on a card
New Rubbish Ideas Collages