Summer time with new designs and the joys of Norfolk

With summer now officially underway, there are lots of things to look forward to, including playing a bit of tennis if you were inspired by Wimbledon. Are you a Rodger or Rafa fan? What about Novak? Or did you think Andy could do it?! For any tennis fans this new greeting card design is perfect
or if you prefer to enjoy the summer with a glass of pimms and a slice of strawberry cake, this may be more appropriate
Living in Norfolk has its benefits, one of them being the Norfolk broads! 
Each summer we hire a little day boat for a few hours - it's so peaceful and so full of inspiration. The two dogs seem to enjoy a little boat trip, although they can disturb the peace when they get a little over excited and end up in the water!
There’s always lots to see on the broads, with ducks, swans, and my favourite, the cute coots! Here's a new design, of a dragonfly which is already very popular.