The RHS Spring Gardening Show, Malvern - a fleeting glimpse

There's not much opportunity to see much of the shows I attend when I'm on my own, but here are just a few bits that caught my eye while walking in in the mornings: These alpines greeted me as I walked along to the Country Living Magazine's marquee each day
There were some fantastic gardens designed and created by various schools, all themed around children's books. These hedgehogs amused me
And some beautiful plantings designed with such creativity - I feel some new card designs coming on: 
This is one of the show gardens - very popular with the public, and with me - Boathouse No. 9 by Mark Eveleigh. If you're interested, you can find out more about the show gardens here
And these slates have nothing to do with the gardening show, but I love them. They were stacked up outside the b&b where I was staying
So, is anyone inspired to get out into their gardens now? (Weather permitting, as it's pouring with rain as I write this)