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  We’ve had a few little snow flurries over the past couple of days, which is only adding to the christmassy feeling! Opposite our flat we have a small Christmas market, and there’s a slightly bigger one down the road at Namesti Miru       The lights are very pretty and there’s quite a few different craft and gift stalls, the Lindop family might be receiving a few bits and pieces from here this Christmas!   The biggest market is in Old Town Square, there are plenty of food stalls here –..
This morning was beautiful, with mists and sun so I went out early with the camera for some of those shots. But not early enough; within 10 minutes the sun had burnt off all that mist. So instead I'll take you round parts of my local market town of Diss:  Not a soul to be seen around the Mere apart from a couple of hopeful fishermen     It's market day on a Friday - these flowers looked so fresh this early   And I witnessed a spot of crafty shop lifting too... So many pl..
  I'm no expert, but then lots of us aren't so I thought I'd show you what I'm doing to produce the white backgrounds that we need for our product photographs. It's not perfect, so do please add your comments so that we can all improve. I use Photoshop, so that might be the first stumbling block for some. I’m not an expert with Photoshop; it’s just that that’s what I’ve got! This is all I do: Open the file. From the toolbar on the left, select the polygonal lasso tool. You need to go ..
I recently supplied some of my penguin wedding cards to a customer in Ireland, for a wedding in early June, where quirky was definitely considered good. This is what she did to them, and I love it! I love people to adapt, modify and write on the cards that I design - such great team work! And it's even better when they send me a picture of them. You can see more of Mark's photography here ..

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