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Plants And Flowers

We made the most of yesterday's summer day, gave ourselves an afternoon off and went off to the Sandringham Flower Show. Here's some of what we enjoyed:   We bought some fabulous handmade soaps from the very talented and professional Royston and Hayes  We enjoyed some Posh Pop from the lovely Breckland Orchard and a couple of Norfolk pork pies from Bray's Cottage - yummy lunch that was!  We went a little off piste and wandered around the grounds of Sandringham house  These are th..
I came across this challenge, 30 days of creativity quite by chance by following various links of people I like in Facebook, and thought: yes, I could do that. I’m up for the challenge. But because life is pretty full at the moment I set myself the additional challenge of a half hour time limit. 30 days to make a habit; "Your brain is like a muscle. When you exercise it, it gets stronger." Well, much to my amazement I got to the end of the 30 days with something sketched or created every..
The forget-me-nots are just beginning to flower in our garden. Without fail these little flowers take me right back to when I was 8 years old when I was sent away to school. At this school we had a woodland area at the top of the grounds where adults were not allowed. It was called Forget-Me-Not Village and was where we, as children, were free to go after school during the spring and summer. The path up to the woodland was full of forget me nots; the woodland itself had been modified by, pres..
The birds woke me early this morning, as they do every morning, but today I decided to take the dogs out for an early walk, before any rain set in. It was lovely - it's lovely every day. There's always something to raise the spirits, whatever the weather. This is what cheered me today at 6.30:   glorious poppies standing with grasses, the village church with marguerites growing by the boundary wall, cow parsley that's already set its seed. And below are 2 new hedges on the edge..

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