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Random Things

This morning was beautiful, with mists and sun so I went out early with the camera for some of those shots. But not early enough; within 10 minutes the sun had burnt off all that mist. So instead I'll take you round parts of my local market town of Diss:  Not a soul to be seen around the Mere apart from a couple of hopeful fishermen     It's market day on a Friday - these flowers looked so fresh this early   And I witnessed a spot of crafty shop lifting too... So many pl..
We made the most of yesterday's summer day, gave ourselves an afternoon off and went off to the Sandringham Flower Show. Here's some of what we enjoyed:   We bought some fabulous handmade soaps from the very talented and professional Royston and Hayes  We enjoyed some Posh Pop from the lovely Breckland Orchard and a couple of Norfolk pork pies from Bray's Cottage - yummy lunch that was!  We went a little off piste and wandered around the grounds of Sandringham house  These are th..
  We mentioned the Welsh equivalent of St. Valentine’s Day, St. Dwynwen’s Day, in our recent newsletter (what, you don’t receive our newsletter? Sign up here on our website). St. Dwynwen's Day is January 25th, St Dwynwen being the Welsh patron saint of lovers. When researching this, we also found out about another interesting Welsh tradition. Hundreds of years ago, young men would not only give sweets and cakes as a sign of love and affection, but would also carve and give a unique lovespoon t..
New Website 17/10/2011
What a bonkers idea - to launch our new website at our busiest time of year! But it was as ready as it was ever going to be, so it was time to hit the go-live button. Now the work really begins - checking it all, updating things, ironing out glitches (as well as get ready for the Christmas shows!). But most of all we have a whole new lot of stuff to learn as we are using a different system. But it's exciting. We have a new look, a new logo, fresh colours and we think it's looking great. W..
Chester, our rescue dog from the Dog's Trust in Snetterton, joined his local business community last night on a netwalking event at the Norfolk Showground - and he had a thoroughly good time! There's no way he would have coped with the event when he first came to us, but that was some years ago now. I'm very pleased to say that he had no rude words to say to his fellow dog walkers (I can't say that his manners are always so impeccable!), and happily joined in the fun - one of the first to check..
Having just listened to the Food Programme on Radio 4, I am reminded of another special aspect of the school I was sent between ages 8 and 11, and that was the mulberry tree. This was the most tremendous tree on one of the lawns, and it fed the school silkworms every year. We would pick leaves every morning and watch as the soft white caterpillars grew and grew - this was a joy through the summer term. Heaven only knows how they didn't all escape from the shoe boxes! We weren't allowed to ..
  Now that we have a student nurse in the family we have become aware of International Nurses Day which is celebrated on May 12th, the birth date of Florence Nightingale. It seems that this is quite controversial as some would argue that she is no longer representative of modern nursing, and would prefer the day to be celebrated perhaps on May 21st instead, being the birth date of Elizabeth Fry who founded the Institution of Nursing Sisters. However, the day seems to be established..
The forget-me-nots are just beginning to flower in our garden. Without fail these little flowers take me right back to when I was 8 years old when I was sent away to school. At this school we had a woodland area at the top of the grounds where adults were not allowed. It was called Forget-Me-Not Village and was where we, as children, were free to go after school during the spring and summer. The path up to the woodland was full of forget me nots; the woodland itself had been modified by, pres..
Well, we all love a story and this is one I learnt from chatting to 2 guys in the breakfast queue at the Business Design Centre, Islington, during the recent Country Living Show: These guys were in the catering dept of the museum, and reminded me of the coffee machines with a push button to dispense the drink. Yes, I knew them, because they worked there at the same time as I did, in the 80's. In the mornings they would bash the machines about with rolling pins and then vacuum up all the cock..
Simnel Sunday 30/03/2011
We celebrate Mother’s day every year, but I’ve never thought to find out more about it. Mothering Sunday can also be referred to as Simnel Sunday, as a reference to the baking and serving of Simnel cakes, which are said to be a symbol to celebrate the holiday of Lent. The word simnel most likely comes from the latin “simila”, meaning fine, wheaten flour, but I much prefer the story of Simon and Nell; there is a legend that a husband and wife, Simon and Nell, argued over the best method to make ..

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