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No, I've not gone back to my primary school and skipping games in the playground. Instead I spent the day at Norfolk Jelly in Norwich - getting on with my own work but not down in my studio on my own, but rather in a room with others getting on with their own work. It's a great way of working, sharing and brain-storming. Jelly started in New York in 2006 when a couple of friends realized that they loved working from home, but missed the creative brainstorming, sharing, and camaraderie of a ..
Autumnal joys 30/10/2010
Well, that was my last walk locally for a couple of weeks, and what a beautiful afternoon - a perfect leaf-kicking sort of day. Here are a couple of our villagers who we chatted with - I think I might do some Gloucester Old Spotty designs.....   The light was glorious looking up through the canopy of the beech trees:   The sparse beauty of a freshly worked field appealed to me today too: And these are the boys who came out with me:     Now I have the remains of the w..
We love retailers. Without them we'd be without a business. They do a great job getting our work in front of people and they work incredibly hard. But please could retailers think about us when they place their orders - by "us", I mean all designer/makers. We take your order and then fulfil it. This means that we, yes us as designer/makers, sit down and make whatever it is you've ordered.We've paid for the materials needed to make your order, we spend time on the pieces especially for you. We d..
The girls have both left for university, but never fear, we've been adopted by another two. These two seem to prefer our house and garden better than their own, and are just as untidy as the two who have left! And, like teenagers, they just come and go as they please... ..
I caught part of a programme today on BBC Radio Norfolk about Empty Nest Syndrome - ie, the kids have just flown the nest. Both my girls have now left for university, the youngest just starting her 1st year in nursing at Cardiff and the elder just starting her 2nd year in International Studies with Economics at Birmingham. I thought I'd reflect on this idea of empty nest syndrome. I always thought that a syndrome was a medical condition, and surely when you have children you accept that one day..
Just a short post - I did something very silly the other day. I received an order in the form of a spreadsheet, and printed it off and sent off the invoice, only to be advised by the customer that I'd not spotted the tabs on the spreadsheet - there were 3 pages to this order, not one! These are some of the products I wouldn't have sent: 9 clocks on test   A pile of 43 pictures 100 tiny sheep gift bags drying It's a good size order, so I'..
I recently found some very old sketch books - nothing inspiring in them unfortunately, but it was interesting to see where my 2 lives crossed although at the time I couldn't see this. These are a couple of pages from 1981 when I was working on an archaeological excavation in France. This particular site, Pincevent, is fascinating - a site where hunter-gatherers set up camp in the autumn to ambush the migrating reindeer, about 12,000 years ago. Sketches of the site, with the reconstructed t..
I had the tiniest parcel of fleece delivered yesterday and it led to a massive, all-day sort out of all the fleeces on hand at the moment. This has to be done every year to check for moths, and a fine day is perfect. But I just love fleece, and I love all the colours I've built up over the years. There's no way I will ever use it all up in my work (unless I take up spinning again.....), but it's so gorgeous! I ordered these carded batts of Scandinavian fleece, because I didn't know what th..
Izzy Lane has a wonderful business - ethical fashion from the fleece from her own flocks of rare Shetland and Wensleydale sheep. It's an amazing story - read more here This is Izzy with one of her Wensleydales: But the following is one of the issues that she and many sheep farmers are up against. This is her press release: "For several years Isobel Davies has been working to bring attention to animal welfare standards in wool production, as well as give support to, as we..
We've just dispatched the younger daughter off to Sri Lanka with a group from her school - all very exciting, but also very expensive. We've not paid for this trip - she's had to raise the funds herself. But I did help - I decided that my stiffening fingers could do with a work-out, so I got out the crochet hook and made flower brooches and hairclips - loads of them!! We've been selling them at all sorts of events and they've been really popular, so I keep on crocheting. Here's a few of them: ..

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