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I came across this challenge, 30 days of creativity quite by chance by following various links of people I like in Facebook, and thought: yes, I could do that. I’m up for the challenge. But because life is pretty full at the moment I set myself the additional challenge of a half hour time limit. 30 days to make a habit; "Your brain is like a muscle. When you exercise it, it gets stronger." Well, much to my amazement I got to the end of the 30 days with something sketched or created every..
I had the tiniest parcel of fleece delivered yesterday and it led to a massive, all-day sort out of all the fleeces on hand at the moment. This has to be done every year to check for moths, and a fine day is perfect. But I just love fleece, and I love all the colours I've built up over the years. There's no way I will ever use it all up in my work (unless I take up spinning again.....), but it's so gorgeous! I ordered these carded batts of Scandinavian fleece, because I didn't know what th..
Just a short post today to get back into the swing of writing here. This morning I took the dogs out for their usual walk up to the woods and around the fields, and met a couple who have a small holding in the village with Norfolk's only pedigree flock of Clun Forest sheep. I had a lovely chat with Georgie and Richard, met the flock and came home with a bag of fleece rescued from the hedges where they'd put it as a mulch! This fleece, now washed, is drying and will be used in our cards and pi..
Izzy Lane has a wonderful business - ethical fashion from the fleece from her own flocks of rare Shetland and Wensleydale sheep. It's an amazing story - read more here This is Izzy with one of her Wensleydales: But the following is one of the issues that she and many sheep farmers are up against. This is her press release: "For several years Isobel Davies has been working to bring attention to animal welfare standards in wool production, as well as give support to, as we..
Plans are in place now for the Royal Norfolk Show next week. Not everything has gone quite according to plan, but being a flexible kind of girl I shall work with what I have. There's still lots to get ready, but the work looks great. I'm very pleased with some of the new designs, so let's hope the visitors will like my offerings. There will be some special offers for the show (but they're still a secret) - and you can come and commission work too. I'm hoping to go out and about with my cam..

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