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I thought I'd share with you the fun experience of creating some very temporary art. Our last trade show was the Spring Fair, Birmingham, and we were exhibiting in the greetings hall for the first time (up till now we've been in contemporary gifts). So I decided I'd do something a bit different with my space. I wanted a display that reflected the philosophy of our business - fun, different, recycling, no waste, all that sort of thing. So I decided to have a go at something I've never done b..
Well, we're nearly organised for the Spring Fair at the NEC Birmingham in 10 days time. We have a completely new display which I'm quite pleased with - almost everything is recycled, reclaimed or re-used, so this fits in nicely with our whole philosophy. We've had a lot of support from various sources, helping us to find the bits we've needed - quite a challenge at times! It would have been easier to just buy a display system, but we don't do "easy"!! I have some beautiful boxes made by On..
Big Red Bag - you may remember it: I won this amazing canvas bag in a business raffle at a Wire meeting. It was donated by Toy Tidy who supply great storage solutions for all that stuff that kids have. I had a problem at the Autumn Fair this year, because I had to take a delivery with me for a customer to collect from my stand. But there's really no storage space on my stand, especially for a box as big as this one. But then I had a brain wave and rushed to get Big Red Bag. I stuffed it with ..
Well I've not been good at posting here - it's been an incredibly busy and eventful summer - but it's officially the start of autumn here as I'm off to Autumn Fair at the NEC in Birmingham in about an hour. The van is loaded - amazingly this was actually done last night! Now I just need some sustenance to keep me going - apricots, nuts, that sort of thing - as it's hard to get off the stand during the show - I shall be on my own this time as Emma, my trusty co-pilot, is off to Birmingham Univers..
The count down has started - 12 days to finish getting ready for the Country Living Spring Fair in Islington, London. Sounds quite a long time, until you make yourself a time table and fill in the slots and then realise there are not enough time slots to fit in what still needs to be done. But it always gets done, and I rarely work late into the nights (I just get up much earlier instead!) I'm usually quite chaotic when it comes to organising my time in the studio, and usually find that I'm wo..
Busy times 27/11/2008
Well, it is to be expected that this time of year is busy, but it still comes as a surprise to me each year! I've been at Blackthorpe Barn Christmas craft markets for the last 2 weekends, and will be there this weekend too - lots of Penny Lindop cards and artwork available. If you live in East Anglia and you have a passion for the beautiful and unusual, this is a wonderful place to visit. You can get your Christmas tree here too, and some really lovely decorations. There have been some great ne..

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